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Heater Repair

When you turn on the heat, there's an odd smell and noise that comes from your unit. That probably means there's a problem with your HVAC system. Hire the professionals at J & B Heating & Cooling LLC for heating services. You can rely on us for installation, maintenance and repair services.

System Installation

If you need a new furnace or A/C unit we will take the old one out and put a brand new one in.

Air Quality

We'll reduce the amount of any allergens in the air, including pollen and mold spores. You'll rest easy knowing your indoor air is clean. Reach out now for more information about our air quality services.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps can provide your home with affordable, comfortable heating in the winter and cool, dehumidifying in the summer. The reason for their sudden rise in popularity is due to their safe, clean and efficient production of heat. They are no fumes, no fuels burned, rather they filter the air.

A/C Repair

We offer a wide array of air conditioning services to homes in the area and we will gladly show you why more homeowners trust our courteous customer service and quality workmanship whenever they need help with their HVAC systems.

For a free quote on our air conditioning services, contact us today.


If your home depends on a hot water boiler to keep it warm in the winter or even uncharacteristically cool evenings, J & B Heating & Cooling LLC should be the first people you call if anything ever goes wrong. While they are known for their reliability, heating your home with a boiler system is only as reliable as the professionals you choose to install, maintain, repair and eventually replace them.

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